Parametrically resample 3D scans into vision datasets.

The Omnidata annotator is a tool to parametrically resample 3D scans and output a vision dataset. It works through a simple command-line interface (CLI) and to simplify installation we provide a public Dockerized implementation. The source code is available on github.


The demo annotator folder shows how to generate a dataset from a single building (in the Habitat-Matterport 3D dataset).


Head over to the annotator folder to try it out!

What next: handling annotator outputs


Once you've generated some data, you'll probably want to distribute it and/or use it for training your own models. We've released some generic PyTorch dataloaders that should make it easy to use the generated data for training.

omnitools.upload &

We also provide some CLI utilities via the omnitools command, to help with efficiently moving and releasing data. In particular, omnitools.upload is for compressing & uploading the data while does downloadling, validation, and decompression. More info on the omnitools CLI can be found here

More documentation

More documentation for the annotator is available here